Phase 2: Let the madness begin!

The new vision therapy space is up and running!  It has been a little bit stressful getting the final permits approved and we hope to have that completed bright and earl Monday morning.   But, the therapists have been working hard getting everything organized and ready for patient care!  

The next phase of remodeling will begin Monday evening after we close for the day.  The contractor is going to demolish most of the internal workings of the office, including our old vision therapy room, our pre-test room, and the doctor's office.  This will be hard.  Things will be dusty, dirty, and messy.  We ask for patience from our patients and also the staff.  

Here are some pictures of the current space.  I will try to upload pictures after Monday night, to document the madness.  

-Dr. Cheryl Davidson

Halle Neyens