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primary eye exams

Once a year, we recommend that everyone receive a comprehensive eye examination.  At a standard eye exam, your doctor will check your:

  • Visual acuity (or eyesight at distance and near)

  • Eye health

  • Eye pressures

  • Need for glasses

Additionally, at the Center for Vision & Learning, a comprehensive eye examination is geared towards children and the visual skills needed for a full day of school.  Our comprehensive eye examinations also include:

  • Assessment of eye movement abilities (tracking skills)

  • Assessment of eye focusing ability at near and far

  • Eye teaming ability and depth perception

 *If you have been referred to our office by a teacher, therapist, or reading specialist, you will be scheduled for a Comprehensive Eye Examination at your first visit to our office. This visit generally takes 45 minutes to one hour.

Glasses and Contacts

We offer a full-service dispensary where you can choose a frame or order contact lenses. Our frame selection is weighted toward pediatric and teen sizes, and we also offer several specialty lines for patients with special needs.