Taking visual skills to the next level

Does your son have trouble with his timing at the plate?

Do you wish you could shave a few strokes off your golf score?

Does your daughter always seem to be a few feet away from the soccer ball?

Have trouble returning your tennis partner's serve?

All of these challenges may be related to the way you see. Vision, just like strength and speed, is an important component of every sport.   

Sports Vision Services 

At our office, we offer the following sports vision services:

  • Comprehensive eye examinations

  • Binocular vision evaluations

  • Sports vision assessments

  • Sports vision therapy

  • Protective eyewear specific to the sport 

  • Specialty contact lenses

  • Team sports vision screenings



Sports Vision Therapy

Superior athletes require a highly precise and accurate visual system with consistent responses EVERY time. Sports vision therapy can enhance:

  • Reaction time

  • Precise eye movements

  • Peripheral awareness

  • Visual reaction time

  • Timing and spatial perception

  • Gross and fine motor coordination

  • Balance and equilibrium

Sports Vision Assessments

A primary eyecare provider will check for things like acuity at distance and near, the health of the eye, and the need for glasses or contacts. In addition to these standard tests, our office also performs more in-depth testing in a comprehensive eye exam. We examine every aspect of the visual system, including:

  • Eye Movement Skills: make quick, accurate eye movements

  • Eye Focusing: quickly focus on an object at any distance & keep it clear

  • Eye Teaming: proper alignment of the eyes to know where the target is located

  • Depth Perception: judge relative distances between objects

  • Eye-Hand-Body Coordination: direct the hands, feet or body efficiently due to visual information

  • Peripheral Awareness: be aware of surroundings while attending to objects straight ahead

  • Visual Memory: remember a fast-moving, complex picture of people and things

  • Visual Reaction Time: the speed that your brain interprets and reacts to visual stimuli

  • Visualization Skills: seeing yourself performing in your “mind’s eye”